Exide Batteries Review – What You Need to Know

The Exide batteries review provides heavy-duty starting power and long-lasting deep cycle reserve power. The battery is perfect for vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, boats, tractors, and more.

Are you looking for a battery that can handle the demands of your car?

The Exide FP-AGM24F Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery is the perfect choice to get you back on the road again. It has been designed with superior technology and high-quality materials to provide reliable performance, long life, and durability in all weather conditions.

This battery also features an advanced design that provides enhanced starting power even at low temperatures and offers exceptional resistance against vibration damage. With its flat plate design, this battery can be installed in almost any position even upside down. And it comes with a 3-year warranty from Exide so you know you are getting a great product at an affordable price.

The Exide FP-AGM24F Battery is a powerful, dependable battery that will keep you on the road and out of the shop. It has an impressive reserve capacity to provide power when you need it most even in extreme temperatures. And with its flat plate design, this battery offers superior performance and service life compared to conventional ones.

This product is made by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries, so you know it’s going to be good. If you’re tired of being stranded because your old battery just can’t hold up any more, then don’t wait another minute.

The review is a guide to Exide battery plates. The FP-AGM24F Battery is top of the line and can be used for heavy-duty, high-performance use.

The Mighty Max 12V 100AH Battery is perfect for any renewable energy project. It provides unmatched performance and durability, even in the most extreme weather conditions. The mighty max review will show you how this product can fit into your solar or wind-powered system.

Going through our review is important for those looking to make an investment in a new battery. Mighty Max batteries come with different amps, sizes, and voltages that you can choose from. We will help you understand the differences between each type of mighty max battery so that you can find the one that is best suited for your needs.

Let’s get started with the detailed review.

Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery Details:

Battery Cell CompositionLead-Acid, AGM
Item Weight46.17 Pounds
Voltage12 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH10.2 x 6.77 x 8.65 inches
Number Of Cells6


  • Impressive charge acceptance
  • Absorbed glass mat technology
  • Heavy-duty battery
  • Sure life graphite technology
  • Clean and reliable
  • Excellent power output
  • Full replacement warranty


  • Bit heavy

Factors to Consider When Buying an Exide Battery – Quick Shopping Tips:

Buying batteries without conducting any research might result in you purchasing low-quality batteries that you will later regret. So, here we are to assist you in making decisions about the most important elements while buying a new automobile battery.

(SLI) Starting, Lighting, and Ignition:

The most typical sort of automobile battery you will discover, as it is utilized by the majority of vehicle owners. They’re a multi-purpose battery that aids in the starting of the ignition and other functions like radio reception. They must be recharged on a regular basis.

(AGM) Absorbed Glass Mat:

It is the most modern sort of battery. They’re not to be used by everyone, but rather are for those who drive extensively and demand maximum performance from their car’s electrical system. AGM batteries can handle high current discharges better than SLI batteries, which makes them ideal for powering high-performance audio systems.

(SLI-AGM) Combination SLI and AGM Battery:

It is a battery that can serve you well if your car requires two different types of batteries. It provides them both with the ability to hold more power while requiring less maintenance than single-purpose lead-acid batteries. They’re more expensive, but they can save you money in the long run.

You can widen your research by looking into different types of batteries and consulting with a professional about which one is ideal for your vehicle, before purchasing it. Remember to prioritize power over price when deciding on this battery or any other replacement part for that matter. Try not to make compromises because they might cost you later on.

Deep Cycle Batteries:

They are ideal for powering cars in situations where the vehicle is not used on a regular basis. They can provide higher power reserves than SLI batteries, so they’re perfect when it comes to long journeys with your automobile. These kinds of batteries have thicker plates and therefore require more time to charge; however, deep cycle batteries will last longer over time.

A dual-purpose battery can also be a good option in terms of performance and maintenance. They are usually smaller than deep cycle batteries, but their prices are comparable to SLI-AGM units.

Battery Power:

How much power a battery can provide for your car is important to consider when shopping around. You should look into how it performs in ideal conditions, as well as its performance under high-load situations such as acceleration and hill-climbing.

The best way to determine the capability of a battery is by calculating RC and Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) values. Some batteries come with a high CCA rating but low RC, while others might have an impressive reserve capacity but still lack in terms of starting power, so make sure you check both before buying one.

The quality of the Exide battery will also determine its lifespan and performance level. Cheaper batteries can be found as well, but you have to consider that they might not last as long as their more expensive counterparts.


Price is another factor of great importance when it comes to new batteries for your car. The price will depend on the quality of the battery and whether or not there are any special offers available at a given time; so make sure you shop around to find the best deal.

Check Out Warranty:

While price is one of the most important considerations, the warranty should not be overlooked! Make sure you check out how long it lasts and what kind of conditions are included.

It’s also essential to consider the number of warranties offered. The more guarantees it provides, the better. Replacement guarantees with free alternatives are preferable.

Battery Manufactures Date:

You should always purchase a battery that is as new as possible. Check out the date of manufacture and keep in mind how old it is before buying.

The production date on the label shows how fresh the battery is. The code inscribed on the battery with a date, month, and year states how long ago it was manufactured. Never buy a battery that has passed its expiration date. Batteries decay over time, which you don’t want to risk by purchasing an old one.

Reserve Capacity:

The reserve capacity of a battery is determined by how long it can provide power under a heavy load. This value is usually measured in minutes and shows the level of reserve power that remains.

Cold-Cranking Amp (CCA):

The cold-cranking amp is a measurement of the power the battery can deliver at low temperatures. It measures how much current can be delivered for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage above seven volts, which provides an adequate amount of time to start your car even in harsh winter conditions.

The CCA rating of the battery is what determines how far you can drive on a single charge. The Cold-cranking ampere is the amount of power needed to start the engine. However, in extremely cold weather, it’s possible to start the engine with zero degrees Celsius energy. This may assist you to get through severe weather if you reside in a colder area.


It refers to how much energy it can save on its own. Batteries with a higher ampere capacity will have less of a chance of dying, which is good.

Final Thoughts:

The Exide edge fp-agm24f flat plate automotive battery is a great option for those looking for an upgrade to their existing unit. It has high reserve capacity and cold-cranking amps, making it perfect even during harsh winter conditions. The Exide edge also comes with amazing warranty guarantees that are sure to keep you satisfied.

While our top pick-up battery comes with a hefty price tag, it is worth every penny! Whether you are looking for the best Exide battery for your car or RV, Exide edge fp-agm24f battery is a great option!

Make sure to check out our Exide review before making the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Exide Car Batteries Any Good?

Yes, they are worth the money because of these three reasons.
-They start your car with no hesitation 
-If you don’t have power for one discharge, they still store more energy than most other batteries on the market
-Energy capacity remains consistent over 20 years or more 

Who Makes Exide Battery?

Exide batteries are produced by Exide Technologies, which is based in Georgia and has facilities around the world.

How Long Do Exide Batteries Last?

Exide batteries last for up to 10 years in most cases. They do not need to be replaced unless they are not holding charge or if there is corrosion occurring. The electric current will stop flowing through the cells when the battery reaches 0% power, which means it’s time for a new one. Buy Exide car batteries if you want a durable and long battery life AGM technology Exide automotive batteries.

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