Vmaxtanks Battery Review – Features + Pros/Cons [2022 Updated]

Vmaxtanks battery reviews are a great alternative for those who want to take advantage of renewable energy, but with the risk of power outages and other compromises associated with alternative forms of energy. That’s where Vmaxtanks Battery Review Features + Pros/Cons [2022 Updated], deep cycle batteries prove their worth by providing the critical support alternative forms of energy rely on.

The best part is that they can stay in power-preserving mode even when the battery isn’t fully charged. Yes, the ultimate solar panel-based battery to power your favorite gadgets even when the sun isn’t shining or the cables can’t reach the farthest reaches of your backyard.

We’re about to expose several of the benefits that Vmax tanks have to offer.

 What Factors Should Keep in Mind While Buying a Vmaxtanks Battery? 

You need to know that today there are more than 10 types of Vmax batteries available in the market that claim to be “the Best Vmaxtanks Battery”, but not all of them can deliver what they claim about Vmax batteries. Only Vmaxtank SLR125 is best in all batteries.

The SLR125 has advanced lithium-ion technology, which allows it to deliver more power in less space. It provides twice the capacity of conventional batteries at half the cost.

It has a long life cycle of 5 years, giving you more time without worrying about the battery dying on you. It also features an intelligent control system that enables it to charge up to three times faster than other batteries out there.

Our Unboxing Journey – Customer Review:

I ordered this VMAXSLR Deep Cycle AGM battery 125AH and it was delivered just 5 days later. After installing, I can say that I am very happy with my Vmax battery purchase anyway. The amazing battery looks great on the outside and is designed inside for maximum effectiveness as well as durability.

If you want to be sure about how long your system will continue running on a single charge before needing recharging, make sure you consider buying this Vmaxtanks SLR125 battery. To test it a few days later I charged my Vmax batteries to 100% with the LFP80W solar panel and then unplugged it from the wall after that. It worked well.

I was very happy with the power output. I can say that it’s been worth every penny that I spent on this product. Let’s get started with the detailed review.

VMAXTANKS SLR125 Solar Battery 12 Volt 125Ah Group 31 Battery Details:

Number of Batteries31 Product Specific batteries required.
BrandVMAX Solar
Battery Cell CompositionLithium-Ion
Unit Count1 Count
Voltage12 Volts


  • Simple and easy DIY installation process.
  • Use it in either series or parallel for multiple voltages and capacity.
  • Most versatile battery offering heavy-duty tasks.
  • Offers great performance irrespective of the application.


  • Overweight.


• High-Quality AGM Deep cycle Battery designed for heavy-duty work.

• Long lifespan of 8-10 years with little to no need for maintenance .

• Reduces the costs and hassle of frequent battery changes and charges.

• Highly Durable, even in extreme weather or conditions and has weatherproof technology.

• Customers get a free 60-day warranty and guarantee.

• The world’s longest-lasting battery.

• Great for solar power systems.

Why Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a battery that will last beyond expectations with an ever-increasing trend, then this VMAXTANKS SLR125 deep cycle battery is the right choice for you. It comes highly rated and recommended, thanks to its impressive features which give it an edge over another kind of deep cycle and wet lead-acid batteries.

Buying GuideKnow Everything About Vmaxtanks Battery:

So here are all the facts and features in detail so you could buy the right Vmaxtanks battery.

Solar Panel System:

This is ideal for charging the most solar marine systems. It is also a very good electric trolling battery for powering light and appliances in your RV, boat, and camper with a dependable plastic enclosure.


This Vmax tank AGM battery gives you a wide range of voltages to choose from, depending on your needs and the system that you will use it with. The best feature is that you can use it in series or parallel for multiple charging voltages.


The weight of this product is 49 pounds which makes it heavier than batteries out there.


It comes with a free 60-day warranty and guarantees to all customers who buy this battery which can be extended to 3 years if you purchase an extra year of the warranty plan. This is one of the very few batteries out there that come with a ten-year warranty with deep cycle applications.

Actual Battery Life Span:

Featuring a sturdy design that enables it to last for at least 10 years, this charger features four solar panels (which can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor environments) that when combined to produce DC power, can help you work with minimal disruption more of the time.

But you will still need to charge it three or four times every year if you use your NOCO smart car charger on a semi-regular basis ie. While not in use and definitely before heading out if you want to make sure your phone is powered up.


Usually, this battery can be left in storage for months and would still perform exceptionally well upon use due to silica gel. However, you will need to check the water levels about once a month as it begins to lose power and remember that the electrolyte is toxic, so never try to refill the cells, open or puncture them in any way.

Also, make sure that you use distilled water only. Tap water contains minerals like sulfuric acid that can build up over time to produce dangerous fumes and cause corrosion in your battery. The SLR125AGM is sealed, thus preventing any fluid loss during storage, but it won’t last forever if you don’t check the water levels or Marine accessories.

Charging Time:

It takes up to 3 times less than conventional lead-acid batteries with an 80-watt or greater rated PV system with specific Ac.

Wind Turbine Battery:

Designed to give you a good or float service lifespan even when powering your wind turbine system for superior performance which is excellent for those who have a hybrid system.

Deep Cycle Batteries:

These SLR12 AGM deep cycle batteries are designed to power all your applications that need a deep cycle battery such as trolling motors, bow thrusters, and many others.


Such SLR125 deep cycle batteries by VMAXTANKS are designed to be a reflex reseal option, leak-proof and spill-proof as well as maintenance-free which makes it the perfect option for those who don’t like dealing with battery issues. They have a user-friendly design.


The SLR125 AGM deep cycle is the perfect choice if you are looking for a battery that will not lose its charge easily from the electrolyte suspension system or be damaged due to sudden temperature changes or power loss. It can store your power until it’s needed, which makes them great for applications where you need to use it during off-peak times of the day.

The most effective method is to put the battery in a dry area, where the temperature is between 10F to 100F. Dry means that the area should not be damp.

Prior to placing the battery in the planned location, it must be a fully charged electrolyte suspension system and be fully charged every now and then.


These are the best battery option for backup power with additional reserve capacity when there’s a sudden loss of power, such as when bad weather hits. As long as your voltage requirements fit in with this product, then you can use it for any application without the need to worry about underperforming like others.

Note: When first using this optima battery or SLR125AGM 12V AGM power, charge up to 90 percent so that you don’t overcharge your battery. Leave the power pack plugged in until it has reached 100% and unplug it afterward to avoid overcharging.

Recharge Time:

It does not fall in Perfectly sealed lead-acid batteries and thus has an extremely low self-discharge rate, which in turn means that it can hold a charge for up to 3 months without the need to recharge due to superior absorbency.


This is called an Absorbed Glass Matt battery, which means that the electrolyte is suspended within the glass mat separator which in turn reduces gassing and at the same time also provides excellent resistance to pressure-related leaks, shock resistance, or unwanted vibration.

Sealed All The Way From Top to Bottom:

This battery is sealed from top to bottom with customizing plates, which ensures that the internal components are protected from any exposure to the outside by Vmax tanks. Moreover, this also prevents any exposure of a degraded electrolyte solution to oxygen which in turn increases the shelf life of these batteries substantially.

Practical Use:

PB CA plates of this battery are among the best options for trolling motor applications, wind turbine systems, or any other off-grid application where the power supply is limited to reserve capacity what you can produce with your solar panels.


The SLR125 battery is one of the best batteries available on the market. It’s easy to install, features double the power of conventional batteries, and requires very little storage space before it can be used. The SLR125 is also a high-performance battery that can last for up to 5 years before its life cycle expires.

If you put all these benefits together, you have a great deal of power packed into this compact lifeline.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Are Vmaxtanks Batteries Made?

VMAX has offices in the United States, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Germany. The majority of Vmax batteries are made at factories in the United States and Vietnam.

What is The Warranty on a VMAXTANKS SLR12 Battery?

10 years pro-rata with proof of purchase at an affordable price and also labels when registered within 30 days from the date of purchase.

What Is The Shelf Life of an SLR12 Battery?

The shelf life of an SLR12 Battery is 12 months, so be mindful to replace it before the month ends.

How is an SLR12 Battery Tested?

This is 100 percent tested using a six-charge and six-discharge test to ensure that it performs as specified.

Who Makes Vmax AGM Batteries?

All Vmax AGM batteries are made by the world’s largest battery manufacturer VMAXTANKS.

Are Predator Batteries, Any Good?

Yes, Predator AGM batteries are an excellent value. They are comparable to all other top brands of AGM-type batteries in comparison to service life.

Will My Warranty be Voided if I Discharge Deeply?

If you go below 50% depth of discharge of hazardous contaminants (DOD) you can reduce the life expectancy of your good battery by up to 33%.

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